The In Search of Roots Winter Camp Program in Jieyang


From December 16th to 26th 2016, The In Search of Roots Winter Camp Program was held in Jiexi County, Jieyang City. Over 30 teenagers of Chinese descendants in Malaysia participated in various cultural activities to deepen their understandings of China. Some campers wrote down their impressions at the end of the program.


Chai Mun Choon 

I feel very happy that I had made a right choice to spend my holiday in JieYang, China. In this trip, I am flabbergasted by the spectacular landscape that I will never see in Malaysia. For example, the Huang Man Zhai waterfall and Da Bei Shan National Forest Park. I am also very satisfied with the Hakka traditional cuisine like pikles, Lei chaand Cai Ban. The most important thing is I get a chance to understand deeper about Chinese culture. Moreover, I found that there are some similarities between Malaysias and Chinas culture. I think it is due to our ancestors brought along the culture from China when migrating to Malaysia. It also provides a good environment to build my foundation of Chinese culture and allows me to have a better comprehension throughout the trip. It also proof that the friendship of China and Malaysia was deep.


Wong Wen Xin  о

I have participated in this Back to China, which I think is a wonderful, informative and meaningful trip. I have learnt a decent amount of local culture, and Im grateful for that.

My impression on Hepo High School, how should I say it, I really enjoy culture exchange and mutual learning. Their school compound is huge, futuristic infrastructure and a lot of modern gadgets. For example: laboratory, computer lab, and a huge sport field. The local students treats us well with their awesome attitude and their delicacies, we have exchanged contact through wechat.

We have gone to many tourist sites, including magnificent waterfall, historical building, and temples for certain lineage, which are Liu and Lee temple. Fresh air, great views, I would recommend people to come for family bonding trip.
Then, Chinese calligraphy, it is a unique culture of our race. By learning calligraphy, we can improve one selfs inner strength, patience, and manner. I also learnt about the modernization of Chinese culture.

This trip is very meaningful. I have grown to be a better person. I also learnt that in a group, everybody must stand together. I hope they can run this trip again next year.

Thank you.


Lim Shu Yen 

I am feeling grateful and glad that I can have this golden opportunity to participate in this Hepo trip. Even though I am not from Hepo, this journey is giving me fun experiences and chances to meet new friends from China and also from this camp too. I have learnt a lot from the museums and memorials when listening to them presenting around. Then, there are many other popular attractions like the rainbow waterfall, temples and parks, that they are preserved in good conditions to maintain its beautifulness. The best in this camp is visiting their high schools and the interactions with the students. I am so happy to have this chance to get some friends in China. We were so unwilling to say goodbye even though weve only met for a little time. They are so friendly and passionately that they even give us presents when we last meet. I was so touched because my partner wrote me a long letter before we part with each other. Finally, thanks to the authorities who held this winter camp. I am so appreciate.


Siven Lew Yao Wen  ҫ

This is my first time in Jiexi, and also my first time setting foot in China. When I arrived at the airport, I was really anxious because I dont know anyone there except for my sister. For the first hours on the first day, I did not talk to anyone among the campers because I do not know them well and I could not start a conversation with them. But slowly, as I started to know them better, and I began to make some friends. During my time in Jiexi, I learned how to write Chinese calligraphy properly, ate some local delicacies, messing around with my friends, and I had a really good time. We also visited Jiexis local high schools. I was worried at first because I thought that in might be hard to interact and start a conversation with the local students due to cultural differences. But luckily, the students there are very friendly, making it easy to communicate with them. I even made some friends with them. To me, this is a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone must try at least once. I hope that I have the chance to participate in a trip like this next time in the future.


Adelyn Loke Man Ee  ½

Every miracle happened in an 11-day trip in a little town known as Jiexi in China. Four hours flight is all worth it is because every schedule of the day is well-planned, which is the reason why I always look forward to the next day. The authorities even provide us with numerous mouth-watering Hakka traditional cuisines that satisfied my starvation. I have a deeper comprehension about Chinese culture during this trip. The other tourist attraction that amused me is the rainbow waterfall. It rushes down from a resplendent arc shaping like a rainbow under morning twilight and afterlight. The authority even brought us to Hepo High School to study together which freaked me out. I really enjoy studying with them as they are very friendly and outgoing. Getting to know more new friends are really interesting to me as a teenager. Everything I obtained during this camp is a new experience.