Sino-German Metal Eco-City Projects Debut in Brno Czech International Fair


The 58th International Engineering Fair (MSV 2016) was held from October 3rd to 7th local time in Brno, Czech Republic. As the major Jieyang-German (European) cooperative project, ZhongDe Metal Group debuted in the Fair together with the other projects from the Sino-German Metal Eco-City (SGMEC). Being a high-profile party in the Fair, they achieved the initial intent of cooperation with quite a number of European countries. This provided ZhongDe Metal Group with a good opportunity to refresh its friend circle in its cooperation with Europe.

Over the Fair, ZhongDe Metal Group had a close contact with Czech Dostav a.a. , Czech Tos Varnsdorf a.s, Czech Sigma Group a.s. and the Czech Domestic Garbage Treatment Project, Czech Mavel a.s. Initial intent of establishing cooperative companies in SGMEC was achieved. Their active contacts with the corporations from Czech, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland on environmental protection projects resulted in the potential cooperation on air purification with Poland and on domestic garbage treatment with Austria. They also took the opportunity to visit the existing partners to strengthen the friendship as well as to promote new projects and exchange new information.

It is worth mentioning that, during the exhibition, Jan Mldek, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic visited the pavilion of ZhongDe Metal group. He listened with great interest to the introduction of the development of SGMEC. It is reported that during President Xi Jinpings visit to the Czech Republic this spring, ZhongDe Metal Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Czech Industry and Transportation Association (ITA), and established a ZhongDe Metal Group Representative Office in Czech. Since then much fruitful work has been carried out. Currently several cooperative projects relating to the water purification pen, mobile garbage treatment technology and etc. are about to settle in SGMEC, and a number of other projects are under negotiation.

The MIT together with the ITA of Czech spoke highly of the SGMEC projects. They offered enormous assistance to ZhongDe Metal Groups investment attraction activities in their country, and invited ZhongDe Metal Group to participate the annual convention of the ITA, which is an annual extravaganza of the business circles in Czech. Currently the MIT and the ITA of Czech are looking forward to the early visit of Jieyangs economic and trade delegation to Czech to promote bilateral economic and trade exchanges as well as technical cooperation.

Knowing as theHeart of Europe", Czech is an important joint among the Belt and Road countries. It is also a key member of the 16+1 Cooperation between China and Central-Eastern European countries. Founded in 1959, the International Engineering Fair held its fifty-eighth session in Brno this year. It is the oldest, the most extensive and the most influential comprehensive industry exposition in Central and Eastern Europe. The Fair covers all areas of the industrial productions, and is one of the large-scale international exhibitions supported by the International Exhibition Union.