·The 4th International Teochew Doctors Forum Held in Singapore [2017-1-11]

·The In Search of Roots Winter Camp Program in Jieyang [2017-1-6]

·Sino-German Metal Eco-City Projects Debut in Brno Czech International Fair [2016-11-21]

·Youth Delegation of Hong Kong Puning Clansmen's Association Visits Jieyang [2016-8-6]

·Delegation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Visits Food Industry in Jieyang [2016-7-27]

·Canadian Parliamentarian Ms. Alice Wong Visits Jieyang [2016-7-13]

·The 8th Council Inauguration Ceremony of Federation Of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organizations [2016-7-8]

·Teochew Federation (Singapore) Delegation Visited Jieyang [2016-6-2]

·Jieyang Delegation Attends the Fourth Council Inauguration Ceremony of New Territories Chiu Chow Federation [2016-5-20]

·The 56th Council Inauguration Ceremony of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Merchants Mutual Assistance Society [2016-5-17]

·The 55th Anniversary of Chiu Chau Industrial and Commercial Plastic United Association [2016-4-17]

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