Brief Introduction to Jieyang


Being the oldest, largest and most populated prefecture-level city in eastern Guangdong, Jieyang City, the birthplace of Chaoshan culture, is located along the southeastern coast of Guangdong Province with a history of over 2,200 years. Established as a prefecture-level city in December 1991, the city governs 5 counties (districts) and 5 non-organizational districts. Jieyang covers a land area of 5,240 km2 and a maritime area of 9,300 km2. It has 6,941,600 registered citizens and is well-known as the ancestral home for 3,200,000 overseas Chinese.


-- Photo by Huang Haobo --

Jieyang is the transportation hub in eastern Guangdong. Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport is the third largest airport in Guangdong Province. Xiamen-Shenzhen High-Speed Railway and Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway pass through Jieyang. Shenzhen-Shantou, Puning-Huilai, Jieyang-Puning, Meizhou-Jieyang and the Shantou-Jieyang expressways were built and successively opened to traffic. Jieyang also owns the Huilai Port (a 300,000 tonner deepwater port) and Rongjiang golden waterway.

Jieyang has a solid industrial foundation. It is famous for its six competitive industries of metal, jade, fashion, medicine, footwear and mould. It has ever won such titles as the Jade Capital of China, Hardware Base of China, Fabrics Industry Base of China, Plastic Fashion Shoe Capital of China, Famous Traditional-Chinese-Medicine City of China and National Model City of E-Commerce.

Jieyang is a city with strong economic development momentum. In 2015, the GDP of the city amounted to 189 billion yuan (an annual increase of 6.2%); more than 136 billion yuan was invested in the fixed assets (an annual increase of 26.3%); the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 85.7 billion yuan (an annual increase of 13%); its total export value exceeded 7 billion U.S. dollars (an annual increase of 29%); and the local government revenue was 7.74 billion yuan (an annual increase of 5%). Some major projects, such as the Sino-Venezuela Refinery of Guangdong Sinopec, the CNOOC-East Guangdong LNG Integration are under construction and are injecting vigor to Jieyang’s development.

Jieyang is becoming the forefront of international cooperation. The Sino-German Metal Eco-City, co-built with Germany, is one of the two Sino-German Cooperation Zones in China. As a leading project in Sino-German cooperation, it offers an important cooperation platform for the two countries. Meanwhile, Jieyang is undergoing in-depth cooperation with the world — port construction with Rotterdam Netherlands, fashion industry cooperation with France, footwear industry collaboration with Italy and E-commerce industry cooperation with Africa. Jieyang is becoming a new link in the chain of global resource allocation.