Jieyang Cuisine


With a long history, Teochew cuisine, which is of great importance in Teochew people's daily life, plays a significant role in the dietary culture of the Han nationality.

Many Teochew snacks are not only the favorites of the natives, but are also popular in other regions.


List of notable dishes in Teochew cuisine

1. Kueh

According to Teochew dictionary, Kueh is a kind of snack with various fillings wrapped in rice flour wrappings. In ancient times, Teochew ancestors immigrated from the Central Plains to the Teochew area. By tradition, offerings in honor of the ancestors were foods made of wheat flour. Since wheat was not produced in southern China, rice became the ingredient, which is the origin of Kueh.

From then on, the ingredients and the methods of making offerings underwent incessant innovations, but all the offerings are called Kueh.

1) Teochew Peach-shaped Kueh

Teochew Peach-shaped Kueh also known as Png Kueh. In China, "peach" is the symbol of longevity. Making Teochew Peach-shaped Kueh represents the hope of blessing and longevity. Making Png Kueh is a basic cooking skill grasped by common Teochew housewives.

Ingredients: rice flour, water, glutinous rice, mushrooms, dried shrimps, peanuts, garlic, taro, preserved radish, salt, oil.




2) Chai Kueh

A type of steamed dumplings, which can also be fried, usually are filled with galic chives, cabbages and radishes.

Ingredients: rice flour, water, fresh vegetables, salt, oil.




3) Flat Rice Noodle

Teochew flat rice noodles can be fried or boiled in soup. It could also be found in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, where it even becomes one of the local snacks.

Ingredients: rice flour



                        Flat rice noodle soup (粿条汤)                            Fried flat rice noodle (炒粿条)


4) Ping-Pong Kueh

Jieyang Ping-Pong Kueh is a kind of noted snack in Jieyang area. With a long history, it is well-known both at home and abroad.

Ingredients: rice flour, glutinous cornflour, powdered sugar, peanuts, sesame, peanut oil.




5) Rice Flour Roll

The rice flour roll is the most common breakfast in Guangdong.

Ingredients: rice milk, pork, beef, eggs, shrimps, vegetables.




6) Kueh Chap

Kueh Chap is a traditional snack with rice skin as its main ingredient, marinateed eggs, tofu, pork meat, pig’s innards as the seasonings.

2. Other snacks

1) Teochew spring roll with minced meat fillings

Teochew spring roll with minced meat fillings is a type of traditional noted snack in Teochew area, belonging in Cantonese cuisine.

Ingredients: Pork, bean curd skim, mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, eggs.




2) Beef meat balls

Teochew beef meat balls taste chewy and goluptious. 

Ingredients: beef, starch.



3) Pancake-wrapped dragon's beard candy.

Tasted crisp and sweet, it also left lasting and pleasant impressing after-taste. As early as the Tang and Song dynasties, the pancake had been adopted as the offering in memorial of the Confucius.

Ingredients: sugar, maltose, wheat flour.




4) Oyster omelette

Ingredients: fresh oysters, duck eggs, scallions, cornstarch




5) Teochew taro block in sandy sugar.

This is a type of crisp-tender dessert, tasted fragrant and is usually eaten in autumn and winter.

Ingredients: taro, lard, sugar.




6) Puning green plum

Produced in the city of Puning, it is a national product of geographical indication known for its large, fleshy fruit with small pit and sour flavor.




7) Jiexi ground tea

It is one of the endemic foods of the Hakka in Jiexi area. Not only can it be staple food, but also it can be made into beverage and medicine.

Ingredients: rice, vegetables, beans, tea, peanuts, sesame.




8) Puning fried bean curd

One of the folk snacks and specialties of Puning city.

Ingredients: bean, tapioca starch, gypsum, brine.




9) Puning Misua

It is a type of thin salty noodles made from wheat flour and it is a well-known quintessential Teochew-style food.

Ingredient: wheat flour, salt




10) Jau gok

Jau gok are traditional crunchy dumplings found within Teochew cuisine, commonly made during ceremonious festivals.

Ingredients: wheat flour, eggs, peanuts, sesame




11) Puning bean paste

The bean paste, a traditional bean product in the Teochew area, is made from fermented condiment of boiled beans, with the Puning bean paste the most famous.




12) Jieyang soy sauce

It is one of the best-known native products in Teochew area. It is silky, tasty, and palatable bright color.  




13) Putian bamboo shoot  the specialty of Jiedong District, Jieyang City. Featuring thin skins, plump flesh, tender mouthfeel and its umami, it is called the "the delicacies of the mountains".




14) Teochew pickled veggies  a common side dish in the Teochew’s daily life and the requisite for many Teochew dishes.




15) Paotai hand-poured candy  a type of traditional snack with wheat flour and eggs as the principle ingredients seasoned with fatback, caramels and sugar. Making it, people should follows four processes: stirring, kneading, grinding and drying. Paotai hand-poured candy has two different flavors  the peanut flavor and the egg flour flavor.  




16) Didu fresh crab

Didu fresh crabs are found abound the lower reaches the Rongjiang River, where the river flows into the sea. With the delicate flesh and delicious taste, the crabs enjoy a reputation of being sweeter than honey.

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