Jieyang Academy



Jieyang Academy is a temple for the veneration of Confucius and the sages and philosophers of Confucianism, also called Jieyang Confucian Temple, Temple of Literature or Hongxue (the red revolutionary site of Mr.Zhou Enlai).

The main hall of the temple housed the statues Spirit Tablets of Confucius, the Four Sages and Twelve Philosophers, with Confucius facing the south , Yanzi, Zengzi facing the west and Zisi ,Mencius facing the east upon the west side of the Hall. The statues of the Twelve Philosophers line up on each side of the road leading to the hall.

With three passages and five courtyards, the bilaterally symmetric main building was built in a palatial style on a high stylobate, which is a typical traditional Chaoshan architectural structure. This is the largest and most integrated and best preserved temple among the same kind in Southern China.

The Four Sages are:

•Yan Hui, Confucius's favourite disciple.

•Zengzi or Zeng Sheng, another disciple of Confucius and author of the Great Learning.

•Zisi or Kong Ji, Confucius's grandson, student of Zengzi, and author of the Doctrine of the Mean.

•Mencius or Master Meng, student of Zisi and author of the Mencius.


Yangmei the Jade Capital



The Yangmei Jade Capital is located in Yangmei Village, Lancheng District, Jieyang City, well known as The Jade Capital of Asia  and The Jade Capital of China. It is the first shopping themed National 4A  Scenery Site in Guangdong Province. There are thousands of shops with a great variety of jades in Yangmei, where the market is huge and the support facilities are complete. Annually the mid to high end jade products processed and sold in Yangmei accounts for more than 85% of the world production. Currently Yangmei is the largest and first-rate processing base and trade market of jade in Asia.



Huangmanzhai Waterfall



Huangmanzhai Waterfall, a National 4A Scenery Site, is located in Cukeng Village, Jingxiyuan Town, Jiexi County of Jieyang. Surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys, the 300-meter waterfall is divided into five levels from top to bottom and flies straight down to the jade-green Shouxing pool. The verdant mountains towers over the valleys where you may find jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. The place is just like Shangri-La and a two-hour tour will give you a great view of waterfalls.



Bamboo Garden



Jiedong Bamboo Garden, a National 3A Scenery Site, is located in Putian Town, which is well-known as the Home of Bamboo Shoots in China. Inside the garden there are beautiful pavilions, bridges over flowing streams and willows swinging with breezes. You will enjoy yourself here fishing by the pavilions, boating on the lake, listening to the birds in the woods or appreciating the fruitful trees and vigorous animals. In the beautiful view of the garden, you will have a leisure moment.


Wangtian Lake



Wangtian Lake Ecological Tourist Resort is located in Baita Town, Lancheng District, about 15 km away from the city center. It is a special tourism complex with a theme of ecological agriculture. The resort is surrounded by water and hills, adorned by trees and fruits. By combining modern gardening with Teochew architecture and integrating ecological culture with Teochow culture, the resort has become a comprehensive tourism center with multiple functions.


De’anli Complex



De’anli Complex is the largest, best preserved historic complex in Chaoshan area. Even though it has undergone great changes, its intactness, greatness and variety make it a wonder of the architecture art in Chaoshan area. Nowadays, De’anli Complex, a National 3A Scenery Site, is one of the cultural relic protection units and popularization centers for humanistic and social science in Guangdong Province. Meanwhile, De’anli Complex is honored as one of The Eight Scenic Spots in Jieyang.